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Deep Hardened™ Wheel
vs. Actual Carburized Wheel

Deep Hardened™ Wheels have deeper hardness penetration and better resistance to spalling than any currently available carburized wheels - but are priced considerably lower!

Recommended Usage:

• Extremely heavy loads
• Abrasive wear conditions

For the Deep Hardened Wheel Load Chart please click here.

    Deep Hardened™ Wheels

deep hardened crane wheel
Longer Service Life
A major break through in forging and heat treating technology, Deep Hardened™ Forged Steel Wheels utilize a hardness pattern that is wrapped around the flanges. After normalizing for grain refinement, the wheel is preferentially heated and aggressively quenched, then tempered to provide a tempered martensite structure throughout the rim. This process imparts extreme surface hardness required for applications with extremely heavy loads or abrasive wear conditions.

The Deep Hardened™ technique produces forged wheels in hardness up to 60 Rc which results in longer service life and a significant decrease in the wheel's maintenance. These wheels are available in all of the sections that we manufacture as well as your custom specifications.

To compare our four different types of hardened crane wheels please visit our wheel comparison page.

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deep hardened crane wheel cross section
McKees Rocks Forgings
Deep Hardened™ Wheel Section
(Based on a 27" Wheel Sample)
carburized wheel section
Actual Carburized Wheel Section.
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