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Rim Toughened Wheel
Depth Of Hardness

Rim toughened wheels have the deepest hardness of any heat treatment available. The combination of extraordinary toughness and low cost make these the most popular choice for heat treated wheels.

Recommended Usage:

• Extremely tough and impact resistant tread flanges for   mis-aligned cranes and runaways.
• Moderate load conditions.
• Flanges will bend rather than break.

Rim Toughened Wheels

Greater Hardenability
Rim toughening is the most popular form of test treatment for crane and industrial car wheels. In rim toughening, the wheel is uniformly tested then spin quenched and tempered to yield a rim hardness of 321 BHN minimum. The process yields a hardness depth up to 1.5" inches. the level of depth of hardness yields an extremely tough and long lived wheel for moderate load applications. This is the process specified in ASTM A504 class C.

To compare our four different types of hardened crane wheels please visit our wheel comparison page.

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Rim Toughened Wheel Section
(Based on a 27" Wheel Sample)
carburized wheel section
Actual Carburized Wheel Section.
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