McKees Rocks Forging

More than 10 Decades of Forging Experience

You can depend on our industry expertise. We’ve been creating reliable, in-house forged products for more than 100 years.

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Custom Forging & Short Lead Times

Ramp up production with our durable custom-forged products. Our in-house design, reverse engineering, and simulation done at quoting will keep lead times down on orders.  


In-House Machining

Our machining experts will deliver to your unique specifications and transform rough forgings into refined products.

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Industries Served

No matter your needs, we can provide a product fit for your application and environment. Many of our customers rely on us for the original equipment but our parts have also served as a value-added replacement part as well. Regardless of the problem, we will work with you to develop a product that has the life, durability, and value that others have to come expect from us.   

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In-House Machining Facilities & Capabilities



We stock a variety of material in-house but can supply most any grade of steel. 



Our 10,000 ton hydraulic press has the capability to create a near-net forging with a refined grain structure. 

Heat TreatmentsHeat Treatments

Heat Treatments

Material grade drives typical heat treaments, but we are capable of reaching up to 65 RC for most materials. 



Our machining capabilities include a wide array of machines that allow for an efficient route from forging to finished part. 

Quality ControlQuality Control

Quality Control

We inspect every product that is ready to ship to ensure all parameters have been met.  

Custom ComponentsCustom Components

Custom Components

We can install and fabricate custom components, fittings, bushing, and/or bearings  for finail assemblies to make field installations faster. 

Forgings for your unique application

Our team members will design, simulate, and generate a forging that will fit the needs of any application. Our engineers will deisgn a near-net forging using new or existing tooling profiles to produce a lean stock item to have your part machined from. Our estimation team, working with production supervisiors, will then cost and quote the complete routing of the product through our shop. At the end of the day, we will stand behind our quoted "all-in" price and lead-time saving you the headache of trying to guess any additional surcharges that other forgers may traditionally tack on.   
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News & Events

Short posts about what's happening around our facility. 

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PDF Resources

Digital documents that include our brochure and other handouts. 

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Product Development

Posts about our capabilites and iformation to help inform our customers. 

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Companies Served

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