Crane Wheel

Crane Wheels

Crane wheel with keyway
Standard crane wheel Sketch
Standard crane wheel
Standard crane wheel


We offer forged crane wheels in a wide range of standard sizes. In addition, we can produce wheels in virtually any size, configuration and surface condition to meet your unique design requirements. Our crane wheels typically have two flanges but can be modified to have a single flange, center flange, or no flanges based our your needs. We also maintain an inventory of the standard section items for shorter delivery times.

Any of our materials can be forged to your specific dimensional needs. Our forged wheels are also available in any surface hardness up to 65 Rockwell C including our standard heat treatments.
Typical ranges offered are Rim toughened [33-40 RC, 4 point range] and Deep Hardened [56-65 RC, 4 point range] 

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