Our machining capabilities include a wide array of machines that allow for an efficient route to produce your products. 

After a product has been forged, a layer of oxidized scale is present on the exterior of the part and must be removed. Our high-horsepower carbide and ceramic tooled machining centers allow maximum material removal in the rough-machining phase. 

Manual template-controlled machining centers provide the greatest flexibility and cost efficiency for all order sizes. CNC turnings centers then allow for the most accurate details to be precision machined based on your needs.

Our experienced operators ensure accurate placement of bolt circles and tapped features. Our equipment is capable of turning pieces up to 56-inch diameter to handle your biggest jobs. 

Additionally, we are able to meet standard tolerances and surface finish requirements. For finish-machining requirements, skilled machinists use high precision tools and the latest equipment to maintain tight tolerances for critical dimensional requirements.

Our Machines

Our inventory of machines includes:

  • Horizontal Mazak, which can machine up to 27”Ø parts
  • Three G&L’s with live spindles, which can machine up to 49”Ø and 34” tall
  • Two G&L’s without live spindles, which can machine up to 63”Ø and 34” tall
  • Three Snyder Mandrel machines with a 57”Ø table size and 22” maximum height
  • Two CNC Snyder Roughers with a 57”Ø table size and 22” maximum height
  • Four Snyder Chuck machines with a 57” table size and 22” maximum height
  • Two Key Cutters, which key up to 2.25” wide keys