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At McKee’s Rocks Forgings, we utilize our extensive catalogue of forging equipment to generate our standard and custom forging sections to meet our customers' needs and to minimize the cost to tooling into the part to be produced. We have a variety of solid a composite dies that can accept multiple styles of plate geometries to form a forging that will increase material utilization. Our encapsulating dies form the necessary shape of the forging to reduce the total amount of material required to yield the final part.

Our product listing of previously produced products is summarized below: 

Crane wheels can be utilized for various applications and comes in several configurations.
"Driver" wheels typically has at least one keyway, while "Idler" wheels will not. 
Our standard crane wheel has two equal flanges, but they can be asymmetric based on your needs. We can also produce the wheels to have a single flange or make an idler wheel without any flanges.  
The tread shape or rolling surface cross section is typically straight and perpendicular to the rail it rides on. Tread contours however can be tapered (or angled) or be a radius to better seat on the rail head. 

Sheave or Pulleys are designed to pass a cable for lifting applications.
Our standard Sheave, per our line card, are listed by their Outside Dimension first.
Many customers request sheaves based on their pitch diameter or rope size which we can easily use as well.
Our Sheave wheels' groove designs are based on industry standards and we can help you to define the groove if needed. 

Industrial wheels typically are single flanged wheels with a large offset hub.
The tread contour typically is tapered. 
Most industrial wheel designs we have made in the past are based against industry standards. 

Industrial Tires are a similar product, but are designed for lighter rail applications and without a hub.
Tires are designed to bolt onto a fixed hub that is attached to an axle or shaft. 

Gear blanks come in a variety of shapes and styles dependent on the customer request. 
Typical gear blanks provide the required geometry required with a standard allotment of stock material to be removed by the customer.
Many gear blanks may also require a forging reduction of material which we can help to target and/or exceed per your needs.  
Gear blanks also have unique material grades that significantly differ from our standard product. We do stock several grades of material to reduce lead times and cost. 

Mining Rollers are large scale products that go into very large earth moving machines. 
Rollers are designed to withstand heavy loads and environmental abuse. 
Bushings or bearings can come pre-installed per customer requests on finished products. 

Axles and Shafts may be a relatively new offering from McKees Rocks Forgings, however axles have been produced at our facility under the Standard Forged Products name for years.
Forged in-house, many standard locomotive and rail axles can be provided as rough or finished machined. 
Per customer requests "wheelsets" (an axle with installed wheels) can be purchased directly from us. This can help reduce customer lead times and installation.