Material Selection

Material selection can be the most important step in the creation of your product. Materials should be carefully chosen to meet the demands of the physical and service environment the product will operate within. We offer several standard grades of carbon and alloy steels, and we can procure specialty materials at your request.

Standard Material Options

  • 1060V Sheave Wheel Steel

Our 1060 chemical formulation and forging process ensures that our sheave wheels have a long life expectancy. The chemical formulation improves grain refinement during forging which translates to improved wear life.

  • 1070M Crane Wheel Steel

Our special 1070 chemical formulation is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of AIST Technical Report No. 6 for hardenability. This ensures that our wheels have the high level of durability you expect.

  • 4140 Steel

Our 4140 material can be used interchangeably in our crane and sheave applications. It is an excellent choice when very long life expectancies are required. This material is also used in gear blanks.

  • 4340 Steel

Our 4340 chemical formulation has been designed for severe loads and enviornmental applications. This material has also been used in crane wheel applications due to severe crane way distortion. It is also used in the production of gear blanks.

  • 8000 Series Gearing Steel

This material is used in most gearing applications where toughness of the body of the gear is combined with the hardening of the teeth.  We also produce gearing out of many other materials.  Send us your specification for review by our metallurgical team.

  • 410 Stainless Steel

This martensitic alloy is used in special forgings for its ability to be hardened to some degree and its ability to prevent moderate corrosion and wear.

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel

This martensitic alloy is used in special forgings for higher corrosion resistance.  Since age hardening is conducted at low temperatures, parts can be finished machined and age hardened without much distortion.

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel

This austenitic alloy is used in applications where the highest level of corrosion resistance is required.  The material is solution treated followed by quenching to provide a high impact, low hardness material with excellent corrosion resistance.





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