Additional Custom Components

Additional Custom Components



Additional Machined, Fabricated, and Purchased Parts

We can purchase and fabricate custom components for assemblies upon request. Components fabricated include: bushings, bearing caps, and shafts. We can use provided components or purchase and install: bearings, seals, and lubrication fittings. We also can ship the components separately with your products for you to install in the field if nessecary. 

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Reverse Engineering

Sample partsSupplied parts to current equipment can be reverse engineered. Parts shown after disassembly and a quick cleaning, however to expidite the process we ask that you perform these tasks. Our internal engineering team will gather part dimensions using various handheld and digital tools and generate a drawing to produce against. This process can be applied to spares or worn or broken parts to help you reproduce historical parts that may no longer have a production drawing. 


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