Experts at providing quaility forged parts for every application.


McKees Rocks Forgings produces a wide range of high-quality forged circular products for use in industrial markets including crane wheels, crane trolley wheels, industrial wheels, sheave wheels, gear blanks, forged steel wheels, forged rollers, and various other circular forgings. We make forgings from 10 to 52 inches in diameter and in weights up to 5,000 pounds in almost any steel grade.

For many years McKees Rocks Forgings has supplied quality crane components to OEM and repair companies alike. We strive to provide components that will exceeds our customers expectations and outlast the competition. Our components meet the requirements of both the CMAA and the AIST #6 Crane Specifications. 

McKee's Rocks Gear Blanks provide the quality and durability required for demanding applications such as: Wind Energy, Locomotive Drives, Naval Transmission, and Fracking Transmission.  Our gear blanks can be provided in the rough machine or hob ready condition.

McKee's Rocks can produce forgings of low, medium, and high alloy material to meet the most demanding environments.  All of our alloys are tailored for high durability and longevity.  Forgings can be designed to match any circular configuration.  Multiple heat treatment options exist as well to achieve the desired mechanical properties required by the application.

McKee's Rocks offers wheels that can withstand mill applications such as internal railways, mill transfer cars, and ladle cars.  We also produce industrial tires used in trolley car, transit, and subway systems. We now can offer axles and shafts as well for various applications. 

McKee's Rocks Forgings has supplied specicalty wheels for stadium projects, flywheel applications, and historic railroads.  Our wheels have also been utilized in the Pittsburgh Incline.  Contact us today so that we can help you with your specialty project.

Emerging Industries

McKees Rocks Forgings is dedicated to meeting the changing and increasingly sophisticated needs of the industrial marketplace for circular forgings and crane wheels. With our custom capabilities and industry expertise, we are ready and excited to tackle the needs of new and emerging markets.

To keep our prices as low as possible on our crane wheels and forgings, we will continue to make investments in technology and equipment to constantly improve quality and drive down production costs.

Stocking programs can be arranged with volume-based customers to provide consistent delivery schedules for your maintenance needs.