At McKee’s Rocks Forgings, we offer multiple capabilities to provide our customers with the material, part geometry, microstructure, mechanical properties, and surface conditions their projects require. Browse the information below for details about our capabilities.


We offer saw cutting up to 24” Ø on two of our HEM saws. We also have four other HEM saws that can cut up to 21”Ø.

Our 10,000 ton press can forge diameters up to 52”Ø with closed dies. With open dies, the diameter can be extended depending on the required geometry.  Forgings of crane wheels, sheave wheels, gear blanks, and specialty forgings are produced using closed impression dies.


Our machine shop has multiple machines to provide the surface finish and geometry of your parts.

Normalize, normalize and temper, and normalize quench and temper, solution treating and age hardening up to 48ӯ

Water or polymer quenching up to 48ӯ

Rim toughening up to 36ӯ

At McKee’s Rocks Forgings, we ensure that our products meet your exact mechanical properties and are sound and free of defects. We employ the latest technology such as:
  • Instron tensile tester
  • FARO CMM equipment for precise geometrical tolerances
  • LEEB hardness units which measure in any position BHN, RC, RB, and RA.
  • OCMET X-Ray Gun to verify chemical composition
  • Magnetic particle inspection to A275
  • Ultrasonic inspection to A388 using hand held transducers
  • Immersion UT to A504 and AAR M107