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Custom Markets

At McKee’s Rocks Forgings, we utilize our extensive catalogue of forging equipment to generate our custom circular forging sections to meet our customers' needs. Our encapsulating dies form the necessary shape of the forging to reduce the total amount of material required to yield the final part. Our in-house engineering team will design your part in SolidWorks to meet our processing needs and run the design through our Qform Forging simulation software to ensure your product can be forged by our presses. If new tooling is required to achieve the forge geometry necessary for your part it will be relayed to you and quoted in the cost of the part or shown separately based on your request. Our end goal is to provide you the final cost upfront with no hidden cost, fees, or charges.  

altCustom forgings are designed in-house and provide many benefits over an oversized blank or cast part. 
Our team uses a variety of software and drawing formats to generate a design that effeciently utilizes material and production costs. 

Axles and Shafts may be a relatively new offering from McKees Rocks Forgings, however axles have been produced at our facility under the Standard Forged Products name for years.
Forged in-house, many standard locomotive and rail axles can be provided in rough of finished states. 
Per customer requests "wheelsets" (an axle with installed wheels) can be purchased directly from us. This can help reduce customer lead times and installation. 

Along with our product offerings, we can source additional parts. Depending on our customer's requests we can supply bushings, bearing, lube port, seals, and other parts that can be shipped assemebled or left apart.